How to deposit local fiat currency to a Kraken account?

If you have decided to use the Kraken Login exchange to trade crypto, then you have probably made the right choice by selecting this exchange as it comes with a wide range of advanced and basic trading features. On this exchange, you can easily deposit your preferred local currency to make further purchases from your account. In case you are a newcomer and wish to join the Kraken exchange, then you should do it without any further ado. This helps you gain access to a wide range of features available on their platform.

However, if you have an existing account on Kraken, then you can skip the account creation part and use the given steps to deposit local currency to your account. However, before you begin, we would like you to know that this procedure can be followed on both the Kraken website as well as the application. So, on both platforms, you can start applying the steps given below.

Stepwise instructions to fund Kraken account with local currency

In order to apply the instructions that are listed below, make sure that you have access to your Kraken Login exchange account. If you have lost access to your account, you can easily recover your account from the main login page of Kraken.

  1. Open the Kraken website on your device
  2. Or, install and open the Kraken app on your smartphone
  3. Followed by this, as evident, you need to sign in to your Kraken account
  4. Next up, from the main page, navigate to the "Funding" tab
  5. Thereafter, you can find and click on the "Deposit" option
  6. From the list, you need to search for the local currency that needs to be deposited
  7. Provide the amount and the funding provider details using the drop-down
  8. Review the details on the next page and fill in the correct bank account details carefully
  9. Based on the bank you are using, the rest of the steps would vary
  10. That's how you can make a bank deposit to your account on the Kraken exchange


Once you have funded your account, you can go ahead with purchasing your desired crypto from the exchange. However, you need to pay some fee to make the purchase. Thus, make sure that you have enough fees to purchase the crypto and pay for the fee as well. Before you begin, please make sure that you go through the deposit checklist that is available on the official website of Kraken. In case your preferred currency is available to be deposited on the Kraken exchange, then there is no way you can deposit it.